Almost A Crime by Penny Vincenzi


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Almost A Crime by Penny Vincenzi – Hard Cover

Cover sleeve slightly damag – book in good condition

“Almost a Crime” is a novel written by British author Penny Vincenzi. This book was published in 2000 and is categorized as contemporary women’s fiction. Penny Vincenzi was known for her novels that often focused on themes like family, relationships, and personal dramas.

“Almost a Crime” is a character-driven novel that weaves a complex story around the lives and relationships of its characters. The story revolves around a wealthy and privileged family, the Harte family, whose lives are filled with scandal, secrets, and personal struggles. The novel explores the dynamics within the family and how various characters deal with their own desires, choices, and consequences.

Penny Vincenzi’s writing often delves into the intricacies of human relationships and emotions, and “Almost a Crime” is no exception. It’s a multi-generational tale that provides insight into the aspirations, desires, and flaws of the characters, particularly within the context of their privileged social circles.

If you enjoy character-driven novels that delve into the complexities of family and personal relationships, “Almost a Crime” by Penny Vincenzi may be worth considering as a read.

Almost A Crime by Penny Vincenzi


Almost A Crime by Penny Vincenzi

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