As the Crow Flies – Jeffrey Archer


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As the Crow Flies – Jeffrey Archer

“As the Crow Flies” is a historical fiction novel written by British author Jeffrey Archer. It was first published in 1991 and is one of Jeffrey Archer’s most popular novels.

The story spans several generations and is centered around the life of Charlie Trumper, the book’s main character. The novel traces the rise of Charlie, who starts his life as a poor Cockney barrow boy in London’s East End in the early 20th century. Through hard work, ambition, and a talent for selling, he rises to become the owner of a successful chain of department stores, Archer & Co. The book covers a significant portion of the 20th century, capturing historical events and societal changes, and explores the themes of ambition, love, and family.

Jeffrey Archer is known for his storytelling abilities, and “As the Crow Flies” is a compelling and engaging novel that weaves historical events and personal drama into a captivating narrative. It offers a sweeping view of one man’s journey through the 20th century and the challenges he faces in pursuit of success and happiness. The book has been well-received by readers and is considered one of Jeffrey Archer’s best works.

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