David Livingston The Truth Behind The Legend – Rob Mackenzie


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David Livingston The Truth Behind The Legend – Rob Mackenzie

“David Livingstone: The Truth Behind The Legend” is a biography of the famous Scottish explorer and missionary, David Livingstone. This book is written by Rob Mackenzie, who is an author and historian known for his work in African history and exploration.

In this biography, Rob Mackenzie delves into the life and adventures of David Livingstone, exploring his pioneering journeys through Africa in the 19th century, his missionary work, and his efforts to abolish the African slave trade. The book offers insights into Livingstone’s experiences, contributions to geography and science, as well as his dedication to humanitarian causes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the life and legacy of David Livingstone, this biography is a valuable resource. It can provide a deeper understanding of Livingstone’s remarkable accomplishments and the impact he had on African exploration and history.

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