DeepSix – Jack McDevitt


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DeepSix – Jack McDevitt

“Deep Six” is a science fiction novel written by American author Jack McDevitt. It was published in 2001 and is part of McDevitt’s “Alex Benedict” series. The series is known for its blend of science fiction, mystery, and adventure, often set in a future where humanity has explored and colonized distant star systems.

Plot Summary: “Deep Six” is set in the 23rd century and follows the adventures of Alex Benedict, a skilled antiquities dealer and his pilot, Chase Kolpath. The story takes place on the distant planet of Maleiva III, where they investigate a lost starship known as the “Polaris.” The Polaris disappeared two centuries earlier, and its reappearance on Maleiva III raises numerous questions.

As Alex and Chase dig deeper into the mystery of the Polaris, they uncover clues and artifacts that suggest the ship’s crew may have encountered an ancient and advanced alien civilization. The quest for answers leads them to explore not only the history of the ship but also the potential existence of extraterrestrial life and its influence on human history.

“Deep Six” is known for its exploration of archaeological and historical mysteries in a futuristic setting. It combines elements of space exploration, ancient mysteries, and character-driven storytelling. McDevitt’s “Alex Benedict” series often explores themes related to the human experience, the search for knowledge, and the mysteries of the universe.

If you enjoy science fiction that combines adventure and mystery with themes of archaeology and exploration, “Deep Six” and the “Alex Benedict” series may be a series of novels you’d find engaging.

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