Die Trying by Lee Child


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Die Trying by Lee Child

This copy of “Die Trying” by Lee Child is in fair condition, with slight folds on the corner, as depicted in the accompanying image.

“Die Trying” is the second installment in the Jack Reacher series, penned by Lee Child and first published in 1998. In this thrilling novel, Jack Reacher, a resilient ex-military police major, inadvertently becomes part of a dangerous conspiracy when he is kidnapped alongside a young woman named Holly Johnson. Transported across the country against their will, Reacher and Holly unravel a sinister and far-reaching plot orchestrated by their captors.

As they navigate through the unfolding mystery, Reacher, renowned for his combat skills and sharp intellect, is determined to thwart the nefarious plans and secure their freedom. “Die Trying” is celebrated for its high-octane action, suspenseful plot, and the introduction of Jack Reacher as a compelling and mysterious protagonist. Lee Child’s writing prowess and his knack for crafting intense and gripping thrillers contribute to the series’ widespread acclaim

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