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Easter Island – Jennifer Vanderbes

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“Easter Island” is a historical novel written by Jennifer Vanderbes, published in 2003. This novel weaves together two interconnected narratives set on Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui. The story blends history, mystery, and adventure, both in the modern-day and the early 20th century.

The contemporary narrative follows the journey of two American women, Anna and Louise, who travel to Easter Island for very different reasons. Anna, an archaeologist, comes to the island to research the disappearance of the island’s native population, while Louise arrives to escape her past and find a new purpose.

The historical narrative is set in 1913 and centers around two real-life figures, Katherine Routledge and William Scoresby Routledge, who were English archaeologists. They lead an expedition to Easter Island to study its mysterious stone statues and unravel the island’s enigmatic past.

The novel skillfully explores the parallels between the two narratives, as Anna uncovers Katherine’s journals and becomes drawn into the island’s history. “Easter Island” is a combination of historical fiction, mystery, and adventure that explores the cultural, environmental, and human dimensions of one of the world’s most remote and intriguing places.

Jennifer Vanderbes’s novel has been praised for its rich storytelling and its examination of the enduring mysteries of Easter Island, making it a compelling read for those interested in historical fiction and archaeological mysteries.

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