Eternity – Greg Bear


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Eternity – Greg Bear

“Eternity” is a science fiction novel by American author Greg Bear. It was published in 1988 and is the second book in the “The Way” series, following “Eon” and preceding “Legacy.” The series is known for its complex and imaginative exploration of time, space, and alternate dimensions.

Plot Summary: “Eternity” continues the story of the mysterious asteroid-like structure known as the “Stone.” In the previous novel, “Eon,” the Stone was discovered to be a gateway to alternate universes and a means of exploring the future and past of humanity.

In “Eternity,” the Stone is now in the hands of a group of scientists and explorers who continue to unlock its secrets. They discover that it can be used to explore potential futures, and they become embroiled in the consequences of their actions. The novel delves into the implications of altering the course of history, the nature of time, and the potential for humanity to reshape its destiny.

As with many of Greg Bear’s works, “Eternity” is known for its high-concept science fiction ideas and intricate world-building. It explores themes of time travel, alternate realities, and the ethical and philosophical questions that arise from manipulating time and history.

The “The Way” series is a thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating series for fans of hard science fiction and those who enjoy exploring the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding.

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