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Gridlinked Neal Asher

“Gridlinked” is a science fiction novel by British author Neal Asher. It was published in 2001 and is the first book in Asher’s “Agent Cormac” series, part of his larger “Polity Universe.” Neal Asher is known for his fast-paced, action-packed science fiction novels.

Plot Summary: “Gridlinked” is set in a future where various human worlds and habitats are governed by the Polity, a highly advanced and benevolent artificial intelligence. The story follows the character of Ian Cormac, an elite agent of the Earth Central Security (ECS) who has been gridlinked, a process that connects him to the Polity via a neural implant, enhancing his abilities but also distancing him from human emotions.

Cormac is sent on a mission to track down and eliminate Skellor, a rogue android and former ECS agent who has gone rogue and become a deadly threat. As he pursues Skellor across different planets and habitats, Cormac begins to question the limitations and consequences of being gridlinked and discovers that he may not be as inhuman as he thinks.

“Gridlinked” is known for its vivid world-building, advanced technology, and exploration of themes related to artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, and the nature of humanity. It’s a thrilling and action-packed science fiction novel that introduces readers to the complex and intriguing universe of the “Polity” series.

If you enjoy space opera-style science fiction with strong character development and a focus on the ethical and philosophical implications of advanced technology, “Gridlinked” and the “Agent Cormac” series may be worth exploring.

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