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“In Fury Born” is a military science fiction novel written by David Weber. It is actually an expanded and rewritten version of Weber’s earlier work, “The Path of the Fury,” which was published in 1992. “In Fury Born” was first published in 2006 and serves as a prequel to Weber’s popular “Honor Harrington” series, providing more background on the universe in which those novels are set.

Here’s a brief overview of “In Fury Born”:

Plot Summary: The story follows the journey of Alicia DeVries, a talented and tenacious officer in the Terran Empire’s military. Alicia’s life takes a dramatic turn when she and her team are betrayed during a critical mission. As a result, she is left for dead but miraculously survives and is transformed into a powerful, nearly immortal warrior.

With her newfound abilities and determination, Alicia sets out on a mission of vengeance against those who betrayed her. Her quest for retribution and justice takes her to various worlds within a sprawling interstellar empire, where she confronts various challenges, uncovers conspiracies, and battles formidable foes.

As Alicia’s journey unfolds, the novel explores themes of duty, honor, personal growth, and the consequences of one’s actions. “In Fury Born” is known for its action-packed sequences, well-developed characters, and complex political intrigue, all within the framework of a richly imagined science fiction universe.

While “In Fury Born” is a standalone novel, it also ties into Weber’s larger Honor Harrington series, offering fans of that series additional insight into the universe and the events that shaped it. If you enjoy military science fiction with strong female protagonists and intricate world-building, “In Fury Born” may be a compelling read.



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