Junior Verseboek by D.J. Opperman


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Junior Verseboek by D.J. Opperman

“Junior Verseboek” is a collection of poetry for children, and it was compiled by the South African poet D.J. Opperman. The book is written in Afrikaans, one of South Africa’s official languages, and it is intended to introduce young readers to the world of poetry. It includes a variety of poems suitable for children, often with themes and topics that are engaging and relatable for a younger audience.

D.J. Opperman was a notable Afrikaans poet known for his contributions to South African literature. “Junior Verseboek” is one of his works that has been used in schools and households to promote an appreciation for poetry and language among children.

If you are interested in introducing young readers to poetry in Afrikaans or exploring D.J. Opperman’s contributions to children’s literature, “Junior Verseboek” may be a good choice.

Book Name: Junior Verseboek
Author:D.J.  Opperman
Year of release: 1991
Condition: Used Good

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