Knit Two by Kate Jacobs


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Knit Two by Kate Jacobs

“Knit Two” is a novel by Kate Jacobs, and it is the sequel to her earlier book, “The Friday Night Knitting Club.” Kate Jacobs is known for her books that often revolve around knitting and the relationships and bonds formed by a group of women who share a love for this craft.

In “Knit Two,” the story continues to follow the members of the knitting club as they navigate life’s ups and downs, support one another, and, of course, continue their knitting projects. It delves into the personal growth and evolving friendships of the characters introduced in the first book.

If you enjoyed “The Friday Night Knitting Club,” you may find “Knit Two” to be a satisfying continuation of the story. It’s a novel that combines themes of friendship, family, and the shared passion for knitting. Please check with book retailers or your local library for the latest information, as my knowledge is based on information available up to September 2021, and there may have been new developments or publications since then.

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Knit Two by Kate Jacobs