Lace – Shirley Conran


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Lace – Shirley Conran

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“Lace” is a popular novel written by British author Shirley Conran, published in 1982. The book is known for its glamour, drama, and its portrayal of female relationships and empowerment.

The story of “Lace” revolves around four women who were friends during their time at a Swiss boarding school. They later reunite as adults and share their life stories, secrets, and desires. The novel explores their complex and intertwined relationships, as well as their individual journeys in the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and romance.

The book is celebrated for its strong, complex female characters and its candid approach to themes of love, sexuality, and ambition. “Lace” was considered groundbreaking at the time of its publication for its portrayal of female empowerment and sexuality.

Shirley Conran’s “Lace” was a commercial success and made a significant cultural impact. It is often described as a provocative and engaging novel, and it may appeal to readers who enjoy stories of female friendships and empowerment, set against the backdrop of glamorous and dramatic settings.

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