Playing with Cobras – Craig Thomas


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Playing with Cobras – Craig Thomas

“Playing with Cobras” is a novel written by British author Craig Thomas. It was first published in 1984. Craig Thomas was known for his espionage and thriller novels, and this book is no exception. “Playing with Cobras” is part of the author’s popular series of books featuring the character Dr. David Audley, who is an intelligence officer.

The story revolves around Cold War espionage and international intrigue. Dr. David Audley is tasked with investigating a complex web of political conspiracies and espionage that spans multiple countries. The title, “Playing with Cobras,” alludes to the dangerous game of espionage and the high-stakes nature of international intelligence operations.

Craig Thomas was known for his well-researched and intricately plotted espionage novels, and “Playing with Cobras” is an example of his work in this genre. If you enjoy Cold War-era spy thrillers with complex characters and intricate plots, you may find this book to be an engaging read.

Playing with Cobras - Craig Thomas

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Playing with Cobras – Craig Thomas

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