The High Flyer by Susan Howatch


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The High Flyer by Susan Howatch

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“The High Flyer” is a novel written by British author Susan Howatch. This book, published in 1997, is part of Howatch’s St. Benet’s Trilogy, a series of novels that combine elements of family drama, romance, and spiritual exploration.

“The High Flyer” tells the story of Venetia Flaxton, a successful and ambitious woman who works as a high-powered investment banker in London. Venetia’s career-oriented life takes a significant turn when she encounters a psychic who offers her a glimpse into her past lives. This experience prompts Venetia to reevaluate her priorities and the choices she has made in life.

The novel delves into themes of personal and spiritual transformation, as Venetia confronts her past and the emotional baggage she carries. The story also explores the complexities of her relationships, including her involvement with a charismatic clergyman.

Susan Howatch is known for her character-driven novels that often incorporate elements of religion, psychology, and personal growth. “The High Flyer” is no exception, as it combines a contemporary setting with deeper spiritual and psychological exploration. If you enjoy stories that delve into personal and spiritual journeys, this novel may be of interest to you.

The High Flyer by Susan Howatch

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