The Keepers of Truth – Michael Collins


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The Keepers of Truth – Michael Collins

“The Keepers of Truth” is a novel written by Irish author Michael Collins. The book was first published in 2000. It falls into the genre of literary fiction and is known for its exploration of complex human relationships and the nature of truth and perception.

The story in “The Keepers of Truth” is set in a small town in the American Midwest and revolves around the life of the protagonist, Bill, who is a journalist for a local newspaper. The novel delves into Bill’s personal struggles and the challenges he faces in uncovering the truth behind a series of mysterious and disturbing events in the town.

The book explores themes of truth, morality, journalism, and the impact of the past on the present. It is often described as a dark and atmospheric work that delves into the darker aspects of human existence and the complexities of human relationships.

If you enjoy literary fiction that delves into deep philosophical and psychological themes, “The Keepers of Truth” by Michael Collins may be a book that piques your interest.

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