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“The Love Machine” and “One Is Not Enough” are both novels by Jacqueline Susann, an American author known for her best-selling and often controversial works in the late 1960s and early 1970s. These novels fall into the genre of commercial fiction and are characterized by their exploration of the glamorous and often decadent world of the entertainment industry.

  1. “The Love Machine” (1969): This novel is a drama set in the world of television and media. It follows the life and career of Robin Stone, a young and ambitious television executive who will stop at nothing to climb the corporate ladder. The novel explores themes of ambition, power, and the personal sacrifices made in pursuit of success. “The Love Machine” was a commercial success and was later adapted into a movie.
  2. “One Is Not Enough” (1973): This novel focuses on the life of Jackie Susann’s most famous character, the glamorous and ambitious actress Jennifer North. It continues Jennifer’s story from Susann’s earlier novel “Valley of the Dolls.” In “One Is Not Enough,” Jennifer is facing new challenges, relationships, and personal struggles as she navigates the entertainment industry and her personal life.

Both novels are known for their exploration of the high-stakes and often cutthroat world of fame, fortune, and the entertainment industry. Jacqueline Susann’s writing is characterized by its melodrama, larger-than-life characters, and a frank approach to themes of sex, ambition, and celebrity culture. If you enjoy novels that provide a peek into the glitzy and scandalous side of the entertainment world, these books may be of interest to you.

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