The Navigator – Eoin McNamee


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The Navigator – Eoin McNamee

“The Navigator” is a young adult science fiction novel written by Irish author Eoin McNamee. It was first published in 2003 and is the first book in a trilogy known as the “Navigator” series.

The story is set in a dystopian future and follows the adventures of two teenagers, Owen and Lily, who discover that they possess extraordinary abilities. These abilities are linked to the existence of an alternate world known as the Borderland. As they embark on a quest to understand their newfound powers, they become involved in a conflict between two powerful groups: the Sentinels and the Harmonics.

Eoin McNamee’s “The Navigator” is praised for its imaginative world-building and intriguing premise, and it explores themes such as identity, destiny, and the consequences of one’s choices. The novel has been well-received by young adult readers and is known for its engaging storytelling and characters. If you enjoy science fiction and fantasy adventures with young protagonists, “The Navigator” and the subsequent books in the series may be of interest to you.

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