The Next Horizon by Chris Bonington


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The Next Horizon by Chris Bonington

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Published in 1966, the first volume of Chris Bonington’s memoirs, “I Chose to Climb,” recounted his introduction to mountaineering, starting from his schoolboy days and concluding with the British ascent of the North Face of the Eiger, detailing his choice to pursue mountaineering professionally. Picking up where the previous volume left off, “The Next Horizon” delves into Bonington’s subsequent endeavors as a mountaineer, photographer, journalist, and expedition leader.

The narrative commences with a journey to Chile in 1962, where Bonington sets out to climb the Central Tower of Paine. The book spans various adventures, concluding in the summer of 1972 as preparations are made for the autumn Everest expedition, narrowly missing the historic moment of placing a British climber atop the world’s highest mountain. Throughout, readers gain insights into the charismatic generation of climbing personalities Bonington encountered and witness his evolution into the devoted family man and celebrated figure he is known as today.


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