Trading Danger – Elizabeth Moon


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Trading Danger – Elizabeth Moon

“Trading in Danger” is a science fiction novel written by Elizabeth Moon. It was first published in 2003 and is the first book in the Vatta’s War series, which is a space opera series known for its adventurous and military science fiction themes.

In “Trading in Danger,” the story revolves around the character Kylara Vatta, who is a young cadet at a military academy. After being expelled from the academy for a violation, she is given the opportunity to command her family’s trading ship. The novel follows her journey as she embarks on a trading mission, but she soon finds herself caught up in interstellar conflict and must use her resourcefulness to navigate the challenges of space.

The book is known for its strong, determined female protagonist, action-packed sequences, and exploration of themes related to war, strategy, and the complexities of space trading and politics.

If you enjoy space opera and military science fiction with strong characters and engaging plots, “Trading in Danger” by Elizabeth Moon and the subsequent books in the Vatta’s War series may be of interest to you.

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