Trail of the Black Wyrm by Chris Pierson


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Trail of the Black Wyrm by Chris Pierson – Volume Two

“Trail of the Black Wyrm” is a fantasy novel written by Chris Pierson. It is part of the “Taladas Chronicles,” which is a series of novels set in the Dragonlance campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. The Dragonlance setting is known for its rich and immersive world, which includes various races, gods, and dragons.

In “Trail of the Black Wyrm,” the story follows a group of adventurers as they embark on a quest filled with danger, magic, and the ever-present threat of dragons. The title of the book suggests the presence of a Black Wyrm, a powerful and fearsome dragon, as a central element of the story.

The Dragonlance novels, including those in the Taladas Chronicles, are known for their action-packed adventures, memorable characters, and epic battles against dragons and other fantastical creatures. The setting also features a pantheon of deities and a rich history, which adds depth to the world-building.

If you’re a fan of the Dungeons & Dragons universe and enjoy high fantasy, quests, and epic battles, “Trail of the Black Wyrm” and other Dragonlance novels are worth exploring. While the Dragonlance novels are often part of larger series, they can often be read as standalone stories, allowing readers to dive into the world without needing extensive background knowledge of the setting.

Trail of the Black Wyrm by Chris Pierson

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